Detox for your mind, body and soul

Detox HeaderThis seven-day detox is designed to aid your vital organs in naturally cleansing the body of harmful toxins and bacteria through the use of organic whole foods, natural supplements and a revised life and work schedule.

The cleansing recipes used in this detox will help to restore balance to your body by flushing out unnecessary waste, toxic build up and some fat, while renewing good bacteria. In addition, healthy lifestyle and eating habits will also enable you to look and feel your best for months to come.  The goal of this detox program is to bring back a sense of balance to your body through tried and true cleansing methods and to reevaluate your personal commitments to health and wellness via select lifestyle revisions.  Please note, weight loss (usually in the form of water weight) is common while doing this detox because you will  consume less food for seven days, but this should not only be used as a weight loss plan.

Sincerely, Prude Papers

Thank you for checking out the Prude Papers 2013 detox.  Please note that the prudepapers is a blog, not a medical website.  I am not a licensed medical practitioner or nutritionist and don’t make any claims to the medical field.  Detoxing is something that I do for myself once a year and the content provided here is based upon my personal experiences.  If you have medical related questions please seek advice from your personal care physician.  Also don’t forget to continue visiting the prudepapers blog at for updates on this detox and other health and wellness posts.


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