About Me

Hi All,

Thanks for stopping by.  I’m a self-professed and proud of it prude.  If you missed my post describing why I would be caught in cyberspace advocating such a name, feel free to check out my intro here.  Aside from being a prude or trying to be one – I am a wife, mother of one handsome little boy,  writer, doctoral student, and former kitchen beautician turn home-chef.  Oh, and did I mention I’ve worn these hats before the age of 30 (that’s a sly way of giving my age without committing to a number;)

As I mentioned in my first post, this blog is not a how-to or advice column, it is also not a finger-pointing, ideology toting tirade.  Instead I just want to reflect on everyday things under the auspicious of a term that reflects my love of learning, my search for the elusive gift of wisdom, and my commitment to the idea that the personal is political.  So you may find a post here about food and labeling at the grocery store, and another about contemporary definitions of community.  You may even see a post or two about products I’ve tried, a book review or a word of encouragement.

I hope you will check back often, put your favorite quotes On The Record and join me as we navigate through life’s practical matters.


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