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July 20, 2013 § Leave a comment

[Sorry, no pictures this time – just words]

I know that in the wake of the Not-Guilty verdict George Zimmerman received from six jurors in the state of Florida everyone with a sound mind, and good judgement has been angry – make that furious, sad, and disgusted that an unarmed child can’t receive proper justice in America in the year 2013.  I know you are probably looking for ways to calm your nerves and stop reading the headlines, but I wanted to share a couple of links that I found really helpful for me in understanding my anger and frustration.  Also for those who are saying move on, or “it’s time to move on,” I have a couple of links to news headlines elsewhere in America that will leave you asking “Move on for what?”   The work that needs to be done is clearly unfinished, and may have actually just begun?”

Six Reasons Why Prosecutors Lost the Zimmerman Trial 

Please take the time to read it in its entirety, this is a good analysis:

Stand Your Ground Marissa Alexander 

Please learn of this case – a woman, a mother with no earlier arrests is faced with serving 20 years (three of which she’s already served) for simply shooting off a warning shot to get an abusive husband to leave her alone.  This case was also tried in Florida, but she received 20 years for standing her ground and no one was hurt or injured…something is definitely wrong with this law.

Wisconsin man shoot and kills his 13-year-old neighbor in front of the boy’s mother and then claims insanity …

In another sick and deadly twist of fate, this 76-year-old man accuses his neighbor a thirteen year old black boy of breaking into his house and stealing his guns.  Then he shoots the boy in cold blood as the boy struggles for his last breaths he shoots again, misses and the boy’s mother rushes as her son takes his dying breath.   Luckily a jury found him  guilty and sane.

Open a Civil Rights Case Against George Zimmerman 

To sign the petition and send a personal message to the Department of Justice click here




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