Tomorrow is already too late.

January 24, 2013 § 1 Comment

Write to your senator at

Write to your senator about gun control or other issues at

I thought about posing this title as more of a question than a statement, because sometimes question marks at the end of loaded statements seem far less harsh or “judgmental” even when finger wagging is implied.  But since I am a Prude, and I feel that I am wagging my finger more at myself than at anyone else, I went with the statement as opposed to the passive aggressive question.

“Tomorrow is already too late” is what I said to myself when I thought of postponing my detox another week or so just to be sure I was really ready to commit to a liquid diet and candida die off symptoms.  “Tomorrow is already too late” is what I thought as I sadly remembered that my first promise in the New Year was to write to my elected officials and urge them to be on the right side of new gun control legislation.  You see, there is a tendency to forego or even to forget to do things that we know we ought to do but at the same time if we don’t do them, where is the harm?  For the examples I give the harm is overwhelming not just to my health and well-being but for our society as we are forced to live in states of on-again-off-again fear.  And so this statement stared me in the face along with a dozen other tasks and activities that I had inwardly vowed to do but never did.  Unfortunately in the case of  requesting congressional support for stricter gun control legislation tomorrow is already too late.

Upon hearing of the tragedy in Newtown, I mourned with everyone else from a distance and kept thinking “we have to do something about this, that could have been my child, my grandchild, my neighbor, my friend.”  Yet, as the holiday came and went and my “to do” list became watered down with more mundane activities like reading this or emailing that, I was reminded in an article about one of the Newtown victim’s parents, that tomorrow was already too late.  If you have a moment and you haven’t read it already, I would suggest checking it out here.

Suddenly I began to think about all the other things that I have meant to do, but have not done.  What impact would their completion have on me or those around me?  Would the time and energy it takes to “just do it,” really compromise other events in my life?  Finally what are the costs of not acting upon the things we are burdened by?  For some people depending on your life or line of work these questions are constant, and for some of us they only come up in a brief yet meaningful moment of clarity when we realize that tomorrow is already too late.  There are many promises we make in the month of January, some of them survive into February and March while others slip away, barely noticeable before the month ends  But for the rest of January I am challenging myself to complete two things I have meant to, wanted to, been burdened to do.

Letter submitted

Letter submitted to representative in congress – to write visit

If you decide to join me in this task I encourage you to think boldly and broadly about what you should or have to do and then go out and do it, afterall, the only thing you really have to lose is regret.

Till Next Time,



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