Rumer Has “It”…Musical Musings from a Prude

January 18, 2012 § 2 Comments

Perhaps it is because I’m an old soul at heart, and I used to imagine that I belonged to some creative community of writers and musicians who understood that the best art, as Toni Morrison put it, is both irrevocably beautiful and unquestionably political.   Or perhaps it is because I grew up listening to my dad’s massive collection of jazz records, including classic, contemporary and smooth jazz, so by the age of fourteen my idea of unwinding was lying on the floor listening to Sarah Vaughn dip in and out of a jazzy-bluesy ballad or Ella scat like nobody else could on The Great Lady’s of Jazz.

Then again it could be that while everyone else was enthralled with Mary J and Method Man’s take on Marvin Gaye and Tammy Terrell’s “Your All I Need To Get By,”  I was more preoccupied with Aretha’s inspired take on “You Are My Sunshine” (haven’t heard a better version).  Whatever the reason may be, I found myself absolutely impressed with the music artist Rumer when I first heard selections from her debut album Seasons of My Soul last year.  I like Rumer because her songs transport me to a time when music was simple, and beautiful, yet one could still appreciate the vocal and other complexities that went into  creating a single song. Her sound is jazzy, folksy, still contemporary, but definitely with a lil bit of soul and a lil bit of something else.  She doesn’t try too hard to be different, nor does she strive too much towards nostalgia which can also have an adverse effect. Call me a prude but I enjoy my music clean, memorable, and thought provokingly beautiful.

Every now and then an artist comes along and in that one song you just know you are going to like just about anything they put out, like Sade, Amel Larrieux, or even the late Sam Cooke.  Today, for me it’s Rumer, and rumor has it that on January 24th, 2012 Seasons Of My Soul will finally be available in the U.S (sorry I couldn’t resist).  Oh, and did I mention she’s from across the pond?  Here are two of my favorites,  “Aretha,” and “Slow.”  I would also suggest looking up “Am I Forgiven”


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