21 Day Detox

December 22, 2011 § 4 Comments

So, while I consider myself a bit health conscious – this was by far the most radical decision I have made about my body in a long time.  I began a 21 Day Detox and Wellness Cleanse about six days ago.  The cleanse is broken up into three seven-day stages with the first one being a complete detoxification process to eliminate everything from candida yeast to chemicals and other toxins that have been absorbed and stored in my body for who knows how long.  To be clear, there are many ways to detox, but for some reason something (some strange uncommon thing) in my heart leapt at the idea of not eating a single piece of solid food for seven days.  So I chose to have the first seven days of my detox focus on clearing out anything that was in my body via detox drinks, vegetable broth, and a nightly liver flush.  The second phase of my detox will be cleansing the body of old stuff and re-introducing old, but never forgotten friends like chewable food.  But this won’t just be any food, it will be things that aid in the elimination  of candida and that are natural detoxificants.  In essence, I’ll be eating a lot of candida-blocking good for you veggies prepared with a very light hand, whole grains, probiotics like Kefir and plain yogurt and organic meats and seafood like salmon and sardines.  I’m also taking some daily supplements to aid in the detox process and elimination of toxic material from my body, and have built-in step three as almost like a re-programming or re-conditioning week to help me adjust my newly cleansed self to a better more satisfying way of looking at food and eating.

Ironically I have had to go into a Panera Bread twice since being on the  liquid diet (don’t ask why), and had I been doing a regular fast, that feat would have been terrible.  I would have been smacking down a bagel, cinnamon roll and smoothie within seconds of entering.  Yet, what I have discovered thus far on my 21 day plan is that in the absence of food, I can think about food a lot more, in a non-obsssesive “what am I going to eat” kind of way.  In doing so I find that eating and thinking need to be inextricably connected, otherwise we lose a sense of what is necessary with what is not.  What nutrients does my body absolutely need today and what things are just eye-candy, literally?  I’ve also began reconsidering the associative properties between food and mood, and food and mechanics.

For instance with mood, we often say, “what do I feel like eating?” or “what am I in the mood for?” And I wonder how those questions might change if we instead asked our bodies what are you lacking?  What things can you not tolerate?  What things do you need but in small doses?  In this sense the focus is less on us and more on our health.  Also with the mechanics of food I realized how the very simple gesture of popping something into my mouth is about as automatic as blinking.  So there would be times when I would be purposefully fasting and preparing lunch for my son, then automatically I would pop a piece of this or that into my mouth “without thinking” and then feel terrible the rest of the day. The gesture would be so quick and so automatic.

I’m no Dr. Oz, but I think that if I can gain hold of that mechanical process along with thinking about what my body needs, and not what I want, then I can finally have a relationship with food where, in the words of a very wise woman “I’m eating to live, and not living to eat.”  I think food is a wonderful gift from God, and that we are doubly blessed by being the only creatures that have the ability to manipulate our food by processes of cooking, seasoning, etc. And it goes without saying that chewing is a major part of the digestion process, so I am very much looking forward to doing it again in the near future.  I’m just aiming to do a little more of it on say celery and almond butter and a little less of it on baked cheese crunchies.

I will be sharing more on this detox as I go along, as eating or in my case not eating is only one aspect.  I haven’t even touched upon the issues of how much toxin is actually lurking in our bodies and how the notions of detox and cleansing can be applied to a whole way of life or as Angela over at fixingitfancy calls it, a LIFE CLEANSE.  But alas, I’ve already said too much and probably offended some with my overuse of conjunctions at the beginning of my sentences.  So more to come next time…




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