I’m Baaack…

June 17, 2011 § Leave a comment

Scary I know, but the whole "I'm Back" thing really only works if you make the movie connection.

I know. I know.  You needn’t say anymore.  Yes I have been an absentee blog host.  Yes I was the first to leave my party.  Yes all the analogies apply.  But, in my defense, as in many of yours, “I’ve been busy!”

Ok, so you may have heard that one before.  But not busy just doing anything.  Tomorrow I will be volunteering at the Naturally Me – Natural Hair and Skin Extravaganza!!!!!  And next month I will be amping up my fieldwork schedule so I have planned like the mad hatter.  And uh-did I mention the adorable two feet tall – long-term house guest that is now able to climb into big people chairs, slam my laptop closed and declare a mandatory playtime.  Well yes, there’s been that too.  All things considered I’m back sooner than I expected.

I did manage to squeeze in a film or two and will share a complete list of “Films I Almost Never Saw,” at another time.  This week I watched a film entitled FOODMATTERS, which I believe came out in 2008.  While the film expanded upon and echoed topics and viewpoints that I was already familiar with like:  “You Are What You Eat,” and “most chronic illnesses can be linked to what we put into our bodies,” as well as extolling the benefits of “Natural, Raw, Organic Whole Foods and Nutritional Supplements,”  I found that the useful part to me was in its affirming qualities.  For example I have struggled with the idea of spending more for “Organic” produce.  After all, fifteen-twenty years ago you had to go out of your way to find something labeled “Organic” in the regular grocery store.  Now you have an organic option in nearly every food category.  Even clothing, gardening tools/supplies and shoes have organic alternatives.  So  for me the question that remains is what am I really paying for  – the name or the actual product.

In watching this film I’ve made some steps towards reconciling this issue, by really digesting the fact that much of the produce we buy at the grocery store…even dare I say it at the “healthy food stores” is days old and losing nutrients as we type.   In addition, produce labels fail to mention whether the crops are treated with pesticides and if so which ones.  Because of this we forfeit a certain amount of control over our food’s actual nutrient content and health benefits.  For this reason I can appreciate the CSA farm shares that we received throughout the spring, which were picked, packed and delivered to our pick up site in record time.  As well as the myriad of processes that go into labeling something as “organic.” or “biodynamic.”

However, the shame of it still comes down to pure economics.  Why do we have to pay more, to live better? Why is having chemicals doused on produce so much cheaper per lb.  I’ve noticed a lot of money being spent telling people to eat healthier, especially in poor communities.  For communities that have been historically and systematically denied access to fresh groceries the message to eat fresh fruit and vegetables is only half promising.  It would seem to me that since not all carrots are created equal, the official message must first be directed towards the means of production.  This way all consumers, regardless of income can buy a healthy-chemical free, nutrient rich peach.  But perhaps I’ve gone too far, shouldn’t we just be glad they opened up a SubWay?




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