Im-Press Me

May 12, 2011 § 3 Comments

It occurs to me that I need to boost traffic on this blog, as I am watching my numbers level off for the past few weeks.   So with spring in the air I am poised to shake things up and get people talking, walking and feeling the Prude thang.  I first went to all things GOOGLE and searched for “ways to increase traffic on your blog.”  Most of the suggestions seemed to center around a few technical and non-technical areas.  Pingbacks, which I enabled so that folks could link back to something on my blog and I would in turn know that “somebody out there likes me.”  The next option was to plaster my blog and all my updated posts on social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, Linked In and the like.  The only downer with this suggestion is that I have gone through great efforts to stay Facebook free, not linked in and my twitter account fluttered out of existence shortly after it began.  It’s not that I despise social networking sites, it’s just that I have enough distractions…uh-I mean things to occupy my mind and I figure I needn’t add anymore.  However, since the experts have spoken I am considering reactivating my Twitter account, because what could be more exciting than witnessing someone beg for readers?

Next came the “real” marketing strategies.  “Shake things up,” “Be controversial,”  “Say something outrageous, get people talking.”  Trust me, it’s not that I eschew controversy, after all I have thought about writing a post on my Hot Mama Neighbor, her near midnight rousing and the very thin wall that separates our units, then again I may have already said enough, you get the picture.  While I understand where these suggestions are coming from, I feel we have enough news host, inventing controversy, making outlandish statements and getting people riled up for ratings sake, why should I add to the mayhem.  My motto for writing, blogging and general speaking has always been, talk about what you know, say what you mean and make it plain.  Therefore any controversy you read here is completely organic, I promise.

Now with very few options left, and some fantastic guest posts from Mother’s Day still waiting to be read by millions I resort to the only other weapon I have…Incentives.  Anyone who leaves a comment during the month of May will automatically be entered into a random drawing to receive a $10 Gift Certificate to  Now for you savvy online shoppers that could potentially mean $10 off your next book, t.v., diapers, shoes, bedding, toys, groceries…you name it, they sell it. And did you know that are supposedly over 670,000 books sold via Kindle are $10 or less…You interested?


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