One Week Ago

March 18, 2011 § 1 Comment

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Earlier this week I suffered a setback unlike one I had experienced in a while.  For a moment words escaped me.  As more videos and photos emerged documenting Japan’s devastated northeast region, highways and towns – words of places that I’d never been to such as Sendai and Fukushima City became as commonly used on television and radio as New York and Baltimore.  I wanted to use this space to reflect upon these very current events, but I hoped to do so in a way that didn’t seem trite and let’s be honest useless.   After all, there are so many better informed people who are working tirelessly, writing endlessly, and reporting vigorously on these events.  So I limited my feelings to conversations with family and friends and began to write of other things.  Then a funny thing  happened.  One of my listserves- Jazz on the Tube, which sends regular video clips of well-known and often times little known Jazz performances began to pop into my inbox featuring various greats like Monk and Dizzy performing in Japan.  As I watched them, I began to think that maybe in this case, words were not as important as prayer, relief aid, and just a little music to bring back thoughts from another time.  I’ll end with a couple that you may like to play after you have heard the day’s news, along with a quote from one of my husband’s friends – whose In-Laws and friends live in Japan.  Thank you for your words.

“I visited Sendai just after New Year’s Day in 2002.  The area reminded me of the Maine coast where I spent my early years.  Sendai didn’t have the size or glitz of Tokyo which is what made it so appealing as a prospective place to settle down had we decided to live in Japan.”

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  • ggdton says:

    Nicely put, I agree… My prayers are with the people of Sendai and Japan as a whole. Thanks for sharing the music and your wonderful perspective!

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